Old Owl's photos

  • Names

    HFF everyone. Have an enjoyable weekend. Better bigger. Press Z, please.

  • Juicy

    Perth, WA

  • Drift

    National Balloon Championship, Northam, WA

  • Flames

    National Ballooning Championship, Northam, WA. The balloon fiesta before the competition begins. Fifteen balloons on our sports oval in Northam, all tethered and flaming. Magnificent.

  • Curious

  • East

    Late afternoon in winter. East to the approaching clouds. Sun starts to sink in the west behind the hills. Straight out of camera. HFF everyone.

  • Laughter

    Laughing Turtle Dove in my back yard.

  • Hatless

    Scallop Fishermen and Woman. Bollard Trail, Geelong

  • Obscured

    Best on black (press Z).

  • Curve

    Lake Clifton, WA HFF, everyone. Have a great weekend.

  • Care

    On a misty Northam winter morning ...

  • Pause

    Fishing Boat Harbour, Fremantle, WA Best large and on black (Press Z).

  • Instruction

    Bridgetown, WA HFF everyone. The weekend starts here!

  • Redhead

  • Hats

    Happy Fence Friday everyone. Enjoy your weekend.

  • Tongue

    Templetonia retusa, colloquially called Cockie's Tongue in Western Australia. Better large on black. (Press Z)

  • Tails

    "Ducks' Ditty" by Kenneth Grahame (from The Wind in the Willows) All along the backwater, Through the rushes tall, Ducks are a-dabbling, Up tails all! Ducks' tails, drakes' tails, Yellow feet a-quiver, Yellow bills all out of sight Busy in the riv…

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