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Martin Espada - Remembering Well & Raising Hell 2014.7.3
Title:[Martin Espada] Remembering Well & Raising Hell
Subtitle:If you’d ask most people, they’d rather stay at home and watch a Seinfeld rerun than go to a poetry reading. Yet almost imperceptibly poetry enriches our lives and generates cultural growth and change. Think about it. Add up all the myriad poetry-related
Frequency:44100 KHz
Audio Bitrate80 kbps
Audio Layer3
Channel ModeSingle Channel
Comment(iTunPGAP) 0
Copyright FlagFalse
Encoded ByAmadeus Pro
Intensity StereoOff
Lame Bitrate80 kbps
Lame Low Pass Filter20.3 kHz
Lame MethodCBR
Lame Quality2
Lame Stereo ModeMono
Lame VBR Quality4
MPEG Audio Version1
MS StereoOff
Original MediaTrue