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Lahore rally calls for measures to end extremism, targetted killings 2014.5.30
by Hamza Ameer, PressTV, Lahore.
At least 32 human rights organizations have gathered in Lahore to memorialize the services of slain human rights lawyer Rashid Rehman and let their voices be heard on the targeted killings of human rights activists. Hamza Ameer has more on the subject. Joint Action Committee for People’s Rights staged a large gathering in Aiwan-e-Iqbal complex in Lahore to commemorate the services of renowned human rights lawyer Rashid Rehman and protest against the killing spree by extremists in the name of religion. At least 32 human rights groups took part in the event. Human rights activists underlined the need to eliminate the extremist mindset that leads to terrorism and violence. Members of different political parties also took part in the event, highlighting the need for taking responsibility for integral issues in the Pakistani society. Human rights leaders demanded the government to crack down on extremist elements and ensure a better and more secure life for the locals. Human rights organizations and civil groups have called on the government to protect the lives of locals against terrorist attacks being carried out in the name of religion.