Green on blue...

I went out last night, hoping to see the Northern Lights. They didn't show up so I'll use this one instead, a photo I took last April. Hope I will have more luck next time :o)

A tiny glimpse...

Last night I could see a tiny glimpse of the Northern Lights through my kitchen window. I went out and managed to get this picture before they totally disappeared :o)

The fish shed...

Another picture from the same place. This shed is used for drying fish, "harðfiskur" in Icelandic, very delicious and I love it with some salt and butter :o)

Guiding Light

The second one was taken on a road leading to a tunnel through the mountains. The Northern Lights seemed to show the way :o)

Holy Light

Last night I noticed the Northern Lights could be seen, so I went out and took some pictures. The first one was taken in a cemetery... and I was always expecting to come knocking on my shoulder while I was leaning over the camera :o)

Lovely Light

And the third one was taken just outside of town. The third picture in this series so it was appropriate to have three lights spreading around the skies :o)