Desert Storm

When we arrived to Fuerteventura the winds were blowing sands from Sahara to the island. I was a bit surprised to see that there was almost nothing green on the island except the gardens and one golf course :o)

Baku waterpark

This is my daughter's favorite place on Fuerteventura. She really liked spending time there... and I liked that too :o)

Oasis Dunas

A picture I took in the hotel yard one night. I didn't have a tripod so I had to put the camera on a table close to the pool. They don't have much fresh water there so the swimming pools were with sea.... and I can't believe how cold the pools are abroad :o)

An evening stroll...

It was great to take a walk in the evenings when it was not quite as hot as during the days. It went up to 44°C some days and in the evenings it was "only" 20°C, a lot warmer than the warmest summer days here in Isafjordur :o)


I took this picture early morning by the swimming pool where I stayed in Fuerteventura. Almost every single sunbed has a towel on it. People seemed to wake up in the middle of the night to reserve the sunbeds and then went back to sleep until about 10 in the morning. And the first sunbeds that people reserved were the ones close to the sign "Please do not reserve the sunbeds" :o)

Postcard from Paradise :o)

Maria Lind on a sight seeing trip to Lanzarote :o)