• Raudsdalur

    I have been working in Kjalkafjordur for the past days and this is the shore just outside the guest house I stayed (Raudsdalur)

  • The River

    I went out one calm and beautiful evening where I was working and took some pictures. This song came to mind when I took this picture :o)

  • A calm evening

    Another picture from my photo-tour close to where I was working this week...

  • No diving....

    Shallow water ;o)

  • The lights are on...

    but there is nobody home :o) A small pier in Arnarfjordur where I stopped on my way to work recently to enjoy the good weather and nice scenery :o)

  • Krýsuvíkurbjarg

    I've been working by the South coast this week and after a hard day's work, we went to look at the cliffs close to where we were working to enjoy the view :o)

  • My workspace :o)

    Last week I was doing surveys on the lava below for a new road between Grindavík and Þorlákshöfn. The sun shone all the time but some days it was quite windy :o) This is a repeater that transmits radio waves from the base station to the equipment that w…

  • Krýsuvíkurkirkja

    I drove past this tiny church every day last week on my way to work so I decided to stop and have a look. I had to bend down to get inside and be careful not to hit my head in the ceiling :o)

  • Strandarkirkja

    This church is close to the sea where I was working on the south coast last week so we took a break and had a look :o)

  • Strandarkirkja, inside

    I went inside the church to take a look but when I came inside in my dirty working outfit and saw someone sitting there, I just took one picture and went straight out again :o)

  • Naturebaths in Myvatn

    I spent the whole day driving across the country. We stopped at the Naturebaths in Myvatn, (very similar to the Blue Lagoon) and it was great to relax for a while there :o)

  • Summer solstice

    Today was the longest day of the year so I went with friends from work to watch the sun at midnight. We walked in Hestfjordur and I took this picture just around midnight. The sun did not go much lower then that and now when I'm back home, it is shining…

  • Walk the line....

    The mountains around here are either completely flat at the top so you can easily walk all around and enjoy the view, or they are just a thin line like it was in front or me in this picture. Then you have to sit with one leg on each side of the mountain…

  • Hnifsdalur

    Another photo from the hiking yesterday. Just wanted to upload this one so I could link to a photo that shows Hnifsdalur that is a small village in the center of the photo :o)

  • Men at work

    This is the area where I am working these days... on the left side, all the way to the end of the mountain. So on great days like this, it is more like a vacation than work :o)

  • Tread softly...

    This bulldozer was plowing a cable into the ground when it started to sink into the ground. I think the other machine came to it's rescue... :o) More photos in the notes.

  • Just passing by...

    I was doing some surveys today when I walked past this beautiful place. I had to go and get my camera so I could take some pictures. It was dead calm there and I could easily have have spent the rest of the day there, just listening to the water and the…

  • Time to go home...

    This was taken two weeks ago when I went hiking with my son. The fog is creeping in over Sudureyri and we had to go before it would reach us. We didn't want to get stuck in the fog on our way down, that would have made things a lot harder :o)

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