Perlan, Reykjavík

Hitt og þetta

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Perlan, Reykjavík

This photo is taken in Reykjavik, Iceland

water fountain PERLAN

Reykjavik, Iceland

geysir in Reykjavik

By the Pearl in Reykjavik

candles in the cave

candle on the rocks

Tupulaq, East Greenland

Originally the tupilaq was a creature composed of different materials such as animals parts, human hair, or even parts taken from a child's corpse. Those who knew about witchcraft, gathered these bits and pieces in a secret, isolated place, tied them together, chanted magic spells over them and allowed them to suck the energy from their own sexual organs. Then the tupilaq was ready to be put into the sea and sent off to kill an enemy. This way of getting rid of one' s enemies, however, was not entirely w…