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  • jardim do Morro

  • macro autumn.sweater nov2012 8

    clothes painting.....

  • Indonesian wood sculpture

    Are u looking at me??!! All details at:

  • Expo Zaragoza

    Am i blue?? All details at:

  • Cirque du Soleil at Expo2008

    Super!! Super!!

  • Zaragoza city,Spain

    eXpo 2008 zaragoZa!!! All details at:

  • The snake.... Expo2008

    Expo 08 Zaragoza. All details at:

  • New group on Arts & Painting!!

    I've created a new group at FLICKR qwebsite on Arts & painting. It has been pretty funny and we'll love to see u there, If u are into that matter too. So, if interested, pls contac me via e-mail!!! U need to b a FLICKR member to make part of the group,…

  • Postcards 2 swap

    U know guys, i'm into collecting and swapping that stuff... U can see me also at:

  • detail....

    I'm painting that sweater right now....

  • sAiLiNg Sweater

    I'm painting that sweater right now....

  • Messenger collection notebooks!!!

    I already bought my (2) Atoma notebooks... Messenger collection!! They are expensive, but very original and practical ones!! Did u buy yours too??!!

  • Bread & honey... hello honey!! lol

    Bread maker machines are so usefull these days...

  • bread days..........

    Bread maker machines are so usefull these days... My 2nd bread is ready!!!

  • Bread maker machines

    Bread maker machines are so usefull these days...

  • Accident...

    Yeap, u see, my poor nail is damaged...

  • Shocking Anorexy!!!

    je m'appele isabelle , j'ai 26 ANS et Je vie à Marseille depuis un an! originaire de paris j'ai quitter ma ville natale pour m'eloigner de ma famille et avoir des rapport plus neutre avec eux , mais pour les casting et les tournages je reviens souvent dan…

  • My wood box

    Bin Laden wood box i did some time ago. All about it at:

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