2020-08-02 00005

Butterflies and Insects

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2020-09-27 00029

Comma Butterfly

2020-10-12 00002

A Great Diving Beetle out in the open and not in its usual aquatic habitat. Much larger than I expected and a very unusual catch for me

2021-04-17 00022

Brimstone butterfly

2021-04-17 00021

Tortoiseshell butterfly

2021-04-17 00002

Green Veined White butterfly

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2021-04-19 00006

Male orange tip

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2021-04-19 00002

Orange tip a better view of the wings

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2021-04-19 00013

Male Orange tip butterfly, one of the first to appear in the Uk as spring arrives. Females lack the orange tipped wings

2021-06-01 00005

Male broad bodied chaser dragonfly. Amberswood this morning
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