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  • fiore nelle gocce

  • Iguana Puerto Limon Costa Rica

  • Taj Mahal Agra India

  • Cacyreus marshalli, Lycaenidae

    in pieno sole alle 12.39 con l'aiuto del flash per compensare i forti contrasti tra luce e ombre . . mano libera in full sun at 12:39 with the flash help offset the strong contrasts between light and shadows. . free hand

  • Anemone hupehensis

  • mantide su lantana

    in giardino

  • mantide in giardino

  • Reaching out.

    Have a great day.

  • Stormy autumn day.

    But i wish you all a serene weekend:) I was wondering how it works in BW. PIP:)

  • Evening light and olive trees.

    happy week:) (busy, will be with you soon)

  • superkleber mit PiP

    einen schönen Sonntag wünsche ich Euch Tag 199/365 (2017) im Schulgarten 2017-D90-009928-DSC 1776-1

  • Graues Schotterband

  • Wegwarte

    einen schönen Sonntag 2017-D90-009249-DSC 0030 1

  • Schnipp-schnapp

    Tag 177/365 (2017) Schere(n) for Macro Monday 2.0 26.06.2017 2017-D90-09512-DSC 0322 1

  • schön bedröppelt ;-)

    2017-D90-09354-DSC 0147

  • bleu métallique foncé

    Calopteryx splendens mâle, appelé également Agrion éclatant ou Calopteryx éclatant ou Calopteryx splendide Serait sur Explorer Populaire 28/06/17

  • Regard d'eau ....!

    Nature ART

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