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  • Every bodies

  • Raquelle face mold

  • Take the picture

  • Vernie

  • Yellow Romper

    Just giving my one of my models at Posers Inc some exposure. One of the studs on the belly area came off so I decided to remove all. The dress and bag came together with a Liv Katie doll.

  • Summer Stripes

    The handmade dress and styling was inspired by Hayden Williams' fashion illustration (inset) called Summer Stripes.

  • Chelsie

    I like her better with lighter lips. I also made the iris smaller. I forgot to take a before pic (inset) so I used the one from ( s3.htm).

  • Golden Qi-Pao

    I lowered her eyebrow and made the iris smaller. I used the sparkle effect of the camera for the 2nd pic.

  • The Unexpected Guest, A Monster Story

    TAG GAME: A SLEEPOVER PARTY Mitchie invited Kelsi and Nikki to their ancestral home for a sleepover. It was an old house filled with horror stories. Mitchie was sharing a story she couldn't exactly remember if it happened for real or if it was just a chi…

  • Carmilla, The Bride That Can't Be

    TAG GAME: BEAUTIFUL BRIDE It's wedding time! Dress up your special lady in a wedding dress! Make your doll the most beautiful bride of all! It doesn't have to be Barbie or even in the Barbie family. Remember have fun! Don't take it too seriously! If you…

  • Silent Hill Nurse

    Custom doll and cosplayer seen at ToyCon2013

  • Ironman and Rockman Inspired dolls

    Transform and roll out... because dolls can be robots, too! seen at ToyCon2013

  • Pinoy na Nagmamanyika (PNN) display cabinet

    seen at ToyCon2013

  • Philippine Vintage Toy Collectors display cabinet

    seen at ToyCon2013

  • Characters Statues, Busts and Figures

    the famous and not so famous seen at ToyCon2013

  • Face Treatment

    with benzoyl peroxide

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