Minnesota Power - Sandstone, MN

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Pics of IOU systems well outside my normal area, street view clips, and pics by other persons.

Minnesota Power - Sandstone, MN

09 Jan 2011 4 3 163
A Minnesota Power & Light Co. 46kV line with two-tone M-2924 multiparts (the only line known that used these oddball multiparts). Top shell is brown, bottom shell is 'white' (with radio treatment in the joint area). I have owned three of these at different times.

Pacific Power & Light - Lincoln County, OR

03 Jul 2008 4 6 227
This is one of the poles Mike Parker showed me when I went to see him in 2008 - an ancient Mountain States Power Co. 22kV pole with M-2430 multiparts serving a second life as a Pacific Power & Light Co. 12.5kV distribution circuit. Note that the 7200V branch line is floated off the post on the second arm.

MidAmerican Energy - Harrison County, IA

12 Mar 2011 3 2 214
An old 33kV transmission line downgraded to 13.2kV distribution. A shot of another part of the system when it was still transmission: www.flickr.com/photos/29412635@N04/7330547222 All the narrow 33kV poles were RECENTLY replaced with new distribution poles like the second one from front. :(

Alliant Energy - Nobles County, MN

05 Mar 2011 1 216
One of the last original Interstate Power Company 24kV poles west of Lismore. Alliant Energy replaced this line with a new distribution circuit operating at the same voltage. The line that replaced this was later transferred to Nobles Electric Cooperative.

MidAmerican Energy - Harrison County, IA

11 Mar 2006 6 2 159
A closeup shot of the one of the remaining original 33kV poles shown earlier. This pole was replaced sometime in 2012.

Clark County Fairgrounds - Springfield, OH

04 Nov 2006 4 149
Look at the size of those fuseboxes for the secondary!

Ohio Edison - Obetz, OH

05 Nov 2006 8 4 181
Four 69kV lines on this tower line... a record? Looking at the design, it looks like it originally was built to hold just two - looking around a bit in Google's street view, I see it does condense into two 69kV lines for a short stretch then back to 4 - so two paralleled 69kV lines.

AEP - Madison County, OH

05 Nov 2006 3 185
One of this company's 765kV (!!!) lines. Didn't think to get a closeup shot of the strings to count how many disks are needed at that voltage. Note the 4-wire bundles per phase. This line must move a LOT of power!

Ohio Edison - Springfield, OH

03 Nov 2007 4 1 168
Start of private line into the Clark County fairgrounds in Springfield, OH (site of the long-running Mid-Ohio insulator show). Check out the odd grasshopper switch! Construction standards are a bit lax on the fairground side of the switch...

MidAmerican Energy - Pottawattamie County, IA

08 Mar 2008 7 2 249
An angle pole on an ancient 33kV line long since bumped down to 13.2kV rural service.

Minnesota Power - Richland County, ND

25 May 2008 5 1 143
Here's a shot of the former Square Butte 250kV DC line as it prepares to cross over the Red River into Minnesota (trees in back). Square Butte is a joint venture between Minnkota Power Coop and Minnesota Power; they built the second unit at the M. R. Young power plant and a 250kV DC power line that ran east into MP's system near Duluth. Minnesota Power bought the DC line (which they are now using to funnel power from three wind farms in ND into their system) and Minnkota claimed the output of Young unit #2 (and from which they extended a new 345kV line on monopoles to their system near Grand Forks).

IES Utilities - Lyon County, IA

20 Dec 2011 7 285
This was when this town was still served by IES Utilities (note the nameplate). This is also the ONLY time I ever saw a full substation transformer hoisted up onto a scaffold! This 34.5kV line has since been replaced with a 13.2kV line coming out of nearby Sibley (a regulator bank now occupies this site).

Alliant Energy - Albert Lea, MN

20 Dec 2011 4 1 171
A 69kV transmission riser takes the line under the I-90 interchange to a sub just to the north. Also check out the old-style ShopKo and Hy-Vee signs in the back. In later years, the distribution line was replaced with an underground circuit reaching down to the ShopKo sign, and the 69kV corner poles were changed to a pair of laminated angle poles. By 2015, Alliant had handed over its entire Minnesota territory to a consortium of cooperatives, and Freeborn-Mower Cooperative Services now serves this portion of the Alliant territory.

South Dakota Public Service - Clay County, SD

27 Feb 2010 2 162
At the south end of rural 454th Ave. near the Missouri, stands this tower. I now suspect this was an old 33kV river crossing to link SD Public Service's system to the Nebraska Public Service Co. system, both of which were sister companies to Iowa Public Service Co. and Sioux City Gas & Electric Co. The Nebraska Public Service Co. system was dissolved when all the IOUs in the state were kicked out in the 1940s, and there likely was not much incentive to keep the now-isolated SD Public Service Co. properties except for a thin band along the Iowa border, many opting for service through REA instead. The Sioux City Gas & Electric Co. system was also absorbed into Iowa Public Service's system, likely to comply with PUHCA.

Minnesota Power - Hewitt, MN

28 Aug 2010 4 145
A typical 'box-type' sub on MN Power's system.

Black Hills Power - Rapid City, SD

30 Jun 2013 2 2 155
That is ONE BIG TRANSFORMER on that alley arm structure! I remembered seeing a pair of green pad-mount transformers down an alley in the area, but only found regular transformers besides this vault-type unit.

Clearwater County, MN

03 Sep 2011 2 1 117
A private distribution system at an oil pipeline pump station. It is ALL 4kV, even that line on busbars!

Private substation - Farmington, NM

07 Aug 2006 5 172
A wealthy (but thrifty) rancher accumulated some old distribution equipment when a nearby municipal utility upgraded their system and used it to build a distribution system on his ranch. This setup takes the incoming line (I assume is 12.5kV) and steps it down to 4kV. To the left is a 6.6A regulator but I was told that critters have chewed up the insulation on the underground conductors and the rancher just can't be bothered to have it pulled up for repair. The shorter pole carries the metering equipment, and the small round-bottom tubs behind the big metering box are some early oil breaker / cutout combination units.

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