Northern States Power - McCook County, SD

Northern States Power

Pictures of poles across the company's Dakotas / Minnesota / Wisconsin system.

Northern States Power - Miner County, SD

19 Mar 2011 4 205
An old Central Gas & Electric 33kV pole remodeled by adding 2 cross arms to bring it in line with NSP's preferred delta spacing. This was one of about 10-20 such poles along this remaining original segment of line, but now only a literal handful remain (all near Forestburg).

Northern States Power - Minot, ND

01 Sep 2012 3 2 188
A very low 13.8kV line in northern Minot (and just blocks away from the part of town affected by the 2011 flood). I've always wondered just why NSP chose to stack the arms like they did here (they are literally resting on top of each other). Also, it's hard to see, but one phase on each arm had to be supported on a fiberglass extender to clear the arm!

Northern States Power - Sanborn County, SD

07 May 2011 7 1 382
An abandoned breaker station - this was the boundary between the present-day Northwestern Energy and Northern States Power 34.5kV systems (several towns in this area were originally served by Central Electric & Telephone Co. and which was absorbed by these two companies in 1961). An ice storm (likely another portion of the 2005 Thanksgiving storm) destroyed this section, and NSP apparently decided they could live without this connection. This breaker was wrecked out circa 2016.

Northern States Power - Sioux Falls, SD

16 Jul 2011 7 2 358
An ancient switch on one of the 4160V circuits in Sioux Falls when it still stood. This leg of the 4160V system had the primary neutral up on the crossarm, so NSP swung it around the switch on the second arm (note how it's braced also) - sure looked like a second circuit didn't it? This switch was the boundary between the South Sioux and Cliff Avenue 4160V substation systems. Also, after the April 2013 ice storm, the circuit heading south got a complete rebuild prior to a conversion to 13.8kV the following winter. The fall of 2016 saw this pole replaced and the northbound circuit rebuilt for 13.8kV operation as part of the final elimination of neighborhood 4160V distribution in town.

Northern States Power - Sioux Falls, SD

16 Jul 2011 7 4 407
One of the very last poles in Sioux Falls to have a wood-pin crossarm. The neutral is the left conductor, and the transformer is an older Line Materials obround unit. Lastly, there is a 2400V GE pellet arrester on the top arm. This pole lasted until the April 2013 ice storm - in the repairs during the aftermath (this segment was in one of the harder-hit neighborhoods), this section of line was completely rebuilt as part of an upcoming conversion to 13.8kV. Pole after rebuild:

Northern States Power - Winsted, MN

13 Aug 2011 5 2 215
I just about drove off the road seeing this. This (and two other similar steel poles just north) are along the edge of the Millerbernd Manufacturing Co. facility - this company makes streetlight poles and traffic light structures (note the combination light / flagpole in the background). Evidently they convinced NSP to let them put these up as "advertising".

Northern States Power - Glyndon, MN

04 Sep 2011 5 4 185
Pyrex carnival glass disks still in use on a 23.9kV line east of Fargo. There are a few more on poles in the area, but the low number strongly suggests there were merely replacements. This was replaced a few years ago, and a clamp-brace pole now stands in its spot.

Northern States Power - Portland, ND

03 Sep 2011 2 2 172
THE mother of all slack spans - just plain SLOPPY.

Northern States Power - Minnehaha County, SD

12 Feb 2011 3 2 301
A pole erected by either Interstate Power Co. or Minnesota Electric Distributing Co. in the 1920s to serve Rowena, SD; the SD portion of the line was transferred to NSP sometime after 1950. Pole photographed 2/12/11 - removed in November 2011 (a new 115kV with 12.5kV under build now follows this alignment). The insulators were U-751 (by Locke or Pittsburg; not sure which). Because NSP has a mini-substation pole on their 13.8kV line just before it goes into Rowena, I long assumed this was something like 13.2kV, but an Alliant employee based in the Hills, MN area (where this line starts) told me the line was 12.5kV.

Northern States Power - Lincoln County, SD

31 Aug 2009 5 4 204
Transposition structure on one of NSP's 69kV lines. The multiparts on the arms are Ohio Brass M-3536.

Northern States Power - Turner County, SD

09 Jul 2011 6 2 366
An ancient 23.9kV / 7200V substation ("Rosefield") serving the small town of Dolton. Luckily this sub survived the rebuild of the 23.9kV line serving it - the sub itself is possibly a 1950s rebuild of the original 1920s sub.

Northern States Power - Turner County, SD

09 Jul 2011 2 2 154
A series of 'shuffleboard cue' (toothpick) poles take 7200V 2-wire service to a rural customer.

Northern States Power - Pipestone, MN

14 Aug 2011 4 156
Some VERY large porcelain cutout switches on 4kV. Picture doesn't do it justice. Also note that one set of dead ends are actually strains! The secondary racks down below are also a style so far unique to NSP. This pole did not survive an upgrade to 13.8kV.

Northern States / Otter Tail Pwr - Moody County, S…

10 Aug 2007 7 2 322
The line went uphill at this point at the same time it started to do a 'rolling transposition' and so NSP added extra disks to keep the lines from flying upwards on this 69kV line. The phases 'roll' one step counterclockwise in two spans, the shield wire moving off its normal place on the top crossarm further up the pole in the process. First, the upper right line shifts to the upper left spot temporarily as the lower right line rises to the upper right spot, then the line in the lower left spot crosses to the lower right spot as the line in the upper left temporary spot drops down to the lower left spot, the shield wire following back down to the upper left spot. An Otter Tail Power 41.6kV line is on the second arm (this NSP line passed through part of OTP's territory, hence the shared poles). This pole is gone now - it was replaced with a line of steel poles with davit arm construction - the 41.6kV on porcelain disks on the 'far' side and the 69kV on polymer strings on the 'road' side of the line.

Northern States Power - Sioux Falls, SD

15 Feb 2004 6 2 168
Fogbowl insulators on a 13.8kV branch line that once served a cement plant (which has since been redeveloped for other uses).

Northern States Power - Sioux Falls, SD

01 Feb 2004 3 174
Here was an oddball line that ran through a now-gone scrapyard (the 4160V was already dead as the scrapyard was being cleaned up for redevelopment into an extension of Falls Park). The upper line was 13.8kV while the aerial cable was 4160V. Not a trace remains of the line except for the rooftop line in the back (now on a dedicated step-down).

Northern States Power - Minot, ND

28 May 2011 4 179
One of two poles supporting a long span.

Northern States Power - Lyon County, MN

11 Jun 2011 3 1 176
I believe this was originally built in 1931 as part of a 66kV line between Sioux Falls, SD and Granite Falls, MN. This leg near Marshall was redone to 115kV at some point; this may well have been replaced with a new double-armed H-frame structure by now (I noticed various H-frames on this line were being replaced at the time).

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