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David Dahle

Posted on 01/23/2014

Photo taken on January 22, 2014

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Northern States Power - Sioux Falls, SD

Northern States Power - Sioux Falls, SD
(swiped from Google Maps street view)

One of the singlephase poles on the South Sioux 4160V system while it was still pure 2400V. This was DEFINITELY a survivor from the Sioux Falls Light & Power era and likely proof that the distribution system was originally 2400V delta.

Xcel JUST recently replaced the pole lock stock and barrel.

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Power Lines
Power Lines
Neat history behind that pole! I recall hearing that Sioux Falls has been running 4160Y for many years, so this one must have been a real oldie.

I'm afraid in Connecticut seeing a pole like that (especially in rural areas where they didn't run series street lighting) wouldn't be big news for a line geek--as many places still run good ol' 4.8kV delta on 4 foot arms! : )
4 years ago.
David Dahle has replied to Power Lines
It seems that NSP may have been a very early adopter of wye distribution, and the way it sounded in their history book, it was a major development at the time.

NSP was likely running 4160V wye LONG before Otter Tail began its own program to convert its then default 2400V delta distribution system voltage to 4160V wye in the early 1950s.
4 years ago.
Power Lines has replied to David Dahle
That's interesting. I know that Con-Ed in New York was another early adopter of 4160Y as well--they still have many old poles using the "4 on the arm" arrangement.

Some utilities here in CT ran 2400V-class distribution for a while, but most of it was all standardized at 4.8kV delta by the 1930's. The only exceptions that I know of are Torrington, Middletown (and neighboring Portland and Cromwell), and UI towns. They ran 2400 and then 4160Y for distribution.

Everything that was originally CL&P and HELCO was 4.8kV though.
4 years ago.
David Dahle has replied to Power Lines
From what I have found, the switchover from 2400V to 4160V was between 1918 and 1922.
13 months ago.