2003 Calendar Series 'January' - 4-23-18

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2003 Calendar Series 'January' - 4-23-18

25 Apr 2018 55
Mill Hill 2003 Calendar Series 'January' Stitched on 10ct Tula fabric. DMC Cotton Floss & Colorwash Silk Floss. Mill Hill Seed Beads & Treasures. Metal Snowflake Buttons.

Progress - 2-2-18

Progress - 1-9-18

Progress - 1-16-18

16 Jan 2018 66
I don't like the look of my stitching or the beads in the snowman. I'll probably re-stitch it.

Progress - 1-23-18

24 Jan 2018 63
I decided not to re-stitch the snowman, so I continued on. I'm not happy with the beads though. They look so small in the squares.

Progress - Frogged Beads - 1-28-18

29 Jan 2018 73
READ INSTRUCTIONS! ugh! So, I didn't read the instructions thoroughly & all along I've been VERY unhappy with the beads. I kept thinking they looked so small for the squares. So, as I was looking in the 'instructions' for info on the backstitching for the eyebrows, I discovered I was supposed to use 2 beads not 1 bead in each square. Lightbulb moment --- no wonder the beads look so small for the squares. ugh! So, I had to frog all the beading & start over.

Progress - Restitched Beads - 1-28-18

30 Jan 2018 65
Ok...here's my progress after I frogged all...yep, ALL the beads & re-stitch many of them. Looks a whole lot better & I'm a lot happier now!

Calendar Series 'January'

08 Jan 2018 54
I'll be stitching 'January' from the 2003 Calendar Series for my Mill Hill Monday January Project.