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  • Lost in the jungle

    On Sunday we did very long walk, mostly done of track.. so they had to look at the map few times.. was fun walk but very strenuous.. cheers

  • coffee for U 1

  • night out

    me and one more of the girl that we go bush walking.. I arrange dinner for few of us and we had great time...

  • us girls having fun

    we went out few of us with the bush walking friends.. it was a bit dark but this two a my best friends

  • Enjoying the moment

    I had great time on the weekend, went on a boat, the weather was great a bit cold for a swim...

  • lets rice

    This people wanted to rice with us, they were speeding fast and we were too it was lots of fun

  • Gold Coast

    This was taken on the weekend.. lots of people enjoying the good weather...

  • runner

    This man was a winner he run up the mountains and back in 25min, look at his body nice and strong

  • Sunday lunch

    This was my lunch this Sunday, it was very nice.. and I ate the flowers as pumpkin and asparagus pie

  • moving clouds

    Burning Love - Elvis Presley

  • walking on sand

    took a day of and went to the beach on Wend, what a beautiful weather it was, was a bit cold to swim.. this man was just walking along and enjoying the sun

  • very high

    from this photo u can see how high we r in the mountain... maybe not the best one but I like it...

  • marching on

  • our lunch

    After long walk in the morning we came to this nice place and had this fantastic lunch a bit of everything..

  • happy bushie

    People that bush walk usually are happy with their environment and the people they associate with

  • walking in the bush

  • time to rest

  • me bush walking

    I went bush walking yesterday, and the weather was so nice that we took our jackets of and we can feel the warmth of the sun..

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