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  • sun bake

    she does have nice body now, but would like to see her in 30 years time to see how wrinkle she will be.. dont spend too much time sun baking.......

  • bushwalk at night

    this one was taken at night so I could not see the people well so some of them have there legs cut of lol

  • The dancer

  • fun time

    October and lots of people swimming

  • Gold Coast

    Summer is here, before its time...

  • fun 1

    taken out at our dinner party

  • night out

    night out with my bush walking friends.. we all had good time..

  • time at the beach

  • fun walking in the water

    Summer is here, I went to work at Gold Coast yesterday and there was peo0ple everywhere having swim and walking enjoying the sun shine... looks better in a bigger size

  • what if I slide on my but

    this one was hard for many people, as u can see the girl in the red top she got her foot in the water, this one panic a bit but all good at the end

  • this looks harder

    one more log to go over... will I fall in the water?

  • look what I found

    Interesting one, this fairy lizard was hanging down and when he let him go he run as fast as he could... I am using my small camera so the photos are not as good a bit exposed.

  • looking for solution1

    Sometime on our walks we have to cross over or under, as u can see there is no path here so people get wet or dirty but it does not matter we keep on going on.. cheers

  • Hold on tight

    As you can see this one was a bit hard to get down, you slide then you must go under the tree to get down.... a bit scary

  • sun set for you

    I hope this sunshine will shine in your life.. for all my good friends on Iper xx

  • Mervine

  • bush walking girl

    nice to walk in the jungle and have fun

  • great waterfall

    this is one of the most beautiful waterwall

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