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Screen cat 3

18 Sep 2021 5 3 15
She was sleeping with all 4 paws pressed against the glass, but awoke when we pulled into the driveway.

Screen cat 1

Screen cat 2

Hard to see pointing at the sun

15 Sep 2021 5 2 10
...and get the same view I saw while driving...pull into a parking lot, hope I can see thru trees & over the building. Invariably, the clouds I WANTED have moved or are obscured. pixels are cheap...I'll have another chance some day. Or maybe I'll park and walk on a Saturday when I'm not scurrying like a rat to a race.

Something new and the sewage treatme…

C...something...forgot the name & can't find the I…

C...something...forgot the name & can't find the I…

08 Sep 2021 2 4 17
Found the tag with that garden tools...Coreopsis (Uptick-Gold & Bronze). Hopefully the correct tag.




Soggy doggy after bath

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