12 of 12 on 12th April 2016

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  • Sunrise 12 April 2016

    Grey and overcast sunrise. No glimmer of the sun at all this morning.

  • Looking up the channel

    Very light breeze and still grey and cloudy.

  • Sunrays breaking through the clouds

    The sun tried to break through the cloud cover

  • Raining

    As David was about to leave it started to rain.

  • See how my garden grows.

    All the summer plants are out and the 2 bags are Pigeon poo that I will dig in tomorrow

  • Misty rain

    The horizon is obscured by misty rain as the day went on.

  • Brown Goshawk

    We still have a Brown Goshawk staying in the tree next door.

  • Supplies

    We are going away for a few days tomorrow and 'stuff' is being put on the table to be packed.

  • Sleepy head

    Ceri having a nana nap before her walk.

  • Treat time

    Toby eats his treat after our walk

  • Last of the tomatoes

    This is the last of the tomatoes from summer picked today.

  • Doggies

    Toby (in the front) and Ceri posed for a picture while we were watching TV