Mundoo's photos

  • Heater fail!

    David put in the new door-seal rope on and the first time we opened the heater door it promptly fell out. The door is off and Toby is guarding it while it cools down so that David can re-install the rope.

  • Looking up the channel

    Late afternoon and a light breeze.

  • See how my garden grows

    Not much happening, I have pulled out some of the summer tomato plants, really must get motivated and plant for winter!

  • Holes in the ground

    Re-building has started. I lost part of my roof and verandah last December in a storm and it is being replaced. The old carport has gone as well and another carport and verandah is replacing the old structure. We have holes in the ground today.

  • Public toilets at the boat ramp

    Finally a public toilet is being built on my street at the boat ramp. Though it was supposed to be finished early April no work has been done on it since Easter. Pretty building but no method of catching rain-water (for flushing the toilets) with THAT roo…

  • Going home

    One my way home from Goolwa town. I love country roads, no vehicles in sight so I was able to stop in the middle of the road and take a picture before driving off again.

  • Pick up an adapter

    One of my many stops on my trip in town was at the local auto shop to collect an adapter that has been on order. It still hadn't arrived it turns out.

  • Hardware store

    The builders asked me to look at samples of roof and polycarbonate sheets to select a colour for the building work.

  • Heater business

    I went to the heater business to get new door-sealing rope for our slow combustion heater door.

  • Washing on a clothes horse in the morning sun

    Currently my clothes line is not able to be used due to a broken-down car under it. The only way to dry the clothes is to use a clothes horse.

  • Heater door

    Last night when using the slow combustion heater and opening the door to put more wood on the fire special rope sealing the door when closed broke off into many pieces. This morning the door is off so I can take it to the heating place to get new sealing…

  • Sunrise 12-5-2017

    Calm morning with interesting clouds on the horizon

  • Knitting for baby

    After 19 years there is going to be a new baby grand-child. My son and DIL have just told us all they are expecting.

  • Spider collection gear or I saved David!

    Went into the kitchen to do my tea and there was a large Huntsman spider on the bench. I got my spider collection gear (a laminated piece of card and a non-see-through container) and put the container over the spider, slid the card underneath and then car…

  • Postcard goodies

    The parcel I collected was for me and inside there was a bounty of thanking postcards from Postcrossing HQ

  • I counted the coin

    While I was run off my feet (NOT) at the Museum I decided to count David's coin and bag it.

  • Wednesday PM

    Today is Wednesday and I arrived at the Goolwa Museum for my afternoon volunteer job. Won't be busy I am guessing.

  • Parcels waiting for collection the post

    Next I checked our post box and there was a parcel pickup waiting in the 24/7 postal lockers.

200 items in total