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  • Bullet the Blue Sky

  • Lake Moogerah

    Queensland, Australia

  • Holy Mountain

    Holy Queensland again

  • At the end of the day

  • Fig tree oasis in the city

    Right in the center of the Brisbane financial district (a nest of high skyscrapers) there is a rare green spot in the middle of a busy intersection which does not go unnoticed thanks to the huge fig trees that can be seen in there. Three of them actually…

  • Weather forecast: "Cloudy"

    Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia This is without any doubt one of the most bombastic sunrises I've ever seen. And it actually came unexpected because all that day it was cloudy and rainy, which is good for wide angle photos of clouds. But after watchi…

  • Where's my caffeine?

    Koalas and I have so much in common. For instance, we like to have our favorite food within exact reach of our arms at all times, even while sleeping. (We enjoy our sleep much better knowing we don't have to start an odyssey to the fridge in the middle o…

  • Low Tide

    Sunshine Coast, Queensland

  • Sky Vortex

    Now, for my next trick, I will summon a rain of meteors... ...with a cherry on top of each one

  • Zoom Zoom Zoom...

    Well... not exactly, but that's the very first thing that came to my head as I was watching this Land Rover cruising through a strip of sand in the delta of the Noosa river. Which by the way I must confess made me a little envious about the lucky bloke b…

  • A walk into the bamboo paths

  • Ships on the horizon

    no I'm not kidding you, at least five can be seen! Well that was the original subject for me when I took this one but it ended up being a photo of a sunset over the Seto Inland Sea. This side is Honshu and on the other side is Shikoku at the level of To…

  • Autumn Landscape

  • The monks and the girl

    During the exposition -JAPÓN 4- I realized this photo was not uploaded onto my stream, so here you go Some people asked me if I had told them to stand that way, but no, the buddhist monks were indeed performing the noon prayers when, very quietly, the li…

  • Amber Coast

  • nope...

    I already browsed all over their catalogs, I even called them last Friday, and they said they still don't have anything similar to this... ...damn IKEA Japan!... ...they told me to try at eBay though...

  • The Bridge of Negoroji Temple