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  • Eyjafjörđur

    Eyjafjörđur, the longest fjord in Iceland on a pleasant mid-Summer afternoon --- Akureyri, Iceland (Jun 2013).

  • Buttercups

    A field of buttercups add to the colour on a lovely early-Summer's day --- Gardermoen, Norway (Jun 2013).

  • Las Vegas at Night

    The view at night from the top of the Stratosphere. You're not allowed to use a tripod up there, so I had to take this handheld --- Las Vegas, Nevada (Mar 2003).

  • Forth Sunset

    Seen in mid-Summer, the clouds were particularly good creating a rather nice sunset --- South Queensferry, Lothian (Jun 2010).

  • Signal Mountain Overlook

    The Tetons seen from the top of Signal Mountain --- Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming (Sep 2011).

  • Cumulus Procession

    There's nothing like a carefully thought-out and composed photograph...... and this was NOTHING like a carefully thought-out and composed photograph! I must have resembled a dog with my head sticking out the car window, tongue flapping in the wind as I…

  • Aurora Borealis

    The Northern Lights grace the night sky a couple of hours drive north of Reykjavík --- Mýrar, Iceland (Feb 2011).

  • Braw, Bricht, Moonlicht Nicht

    ... as we would say in Scotland! Away from the city lights, a full moon and snow on the ground combine to make this night scene appear as bright as day! (Not to mention bitterly cold!) --- Þingvellir, Iceland (Feb 2011).

  • Reykjavík

    The colourful rooftops of central Reykjavík seen from the top of Hallgrímskirkja --- Reykjavík, Iceland (Feb 2011).

  • Tjörnin Lake

    Tjörnin Lake, semi-frozen on a beautiful Winter's day --- Reykjavík, Iceland (Feb 2011).

  • Road Trip

    The trusty hire car could have benefited from a wash prior to this impromtu evening photo-shoot! The light was just amazing! --- Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming (Oct 2008).

  • Wooden Colours

    Bryggen's Historic colourful wooden buildings --- Bergen, Norway (Oct 2012).

  • Primary Colours

    I can never resist a "colour" shot! --- Lerwick, Shetland (Jun 2008).

  • Local Shop

    I just loved the colours of this building, combined with the blue sky and white clouds! --- Yell, Shetland (Jun 2008).

  • Moody Shapes

    West Lothian, Scotland (Aug 2006)

  • Golden Flight

    Birds take flight under broken skies as the sun prepares to set over the Central Scottish hills --- West Lothian, Scotland (May 2008).

  • Lincolnshire Coast

    The shadows start to lengthen on a golorious Spring evening on the Lincolnshire coast, a few miles north of Skegness --- Lincolnshire, England (Mar 2008).

  • Shetland Flag

    The blue and white Shetland Flag flutters in a strong breeze against a blue and white sky. The flag represents the Islands' relationship with both Scotland and Scandinavia. The colours are the same as the Scottish flag, but the design features the Nordi…

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