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Street Photography

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  • 20140102 IMG_7534

    A Break, Morikami Japanese Gardens, Delray Beach, Florida

  • 20131227 IMG_7391

    Blueline surfer dude

  • 20131224 IMG_7284

    The Welcoming Christ. Reminded me of Buddy Christ from film Dogma.

  • 20131224 IMG_7283

    The Welcoming Christ. Reminded me of Buddy Christ from film Dogma.

  • 20131118 IMG_7131

    Grannies on Tour. While composing the shot, my friend said to me, "You're not taking a photo of the grannies, are you?" I replied, "Absolutely!" Focusing not the best, but I like the multiple facial expressions. Embankment, London.

  • 20131118 IMG_7129

    Meta Capture. My accompanying friend said to me immediately after taking this image, "That is meta at so many levels!" Well, I count three: me taking a photo of two men taking photos of each other. I like the fact they see me and share the humour of it al…

  • 20131118 IMG_7127

    Tourists at Work. Houses of Parliament, London.

  • 20131118 IMG_7126

    I was about to delete this image, because the young woman's face is out of focus. But I decided to keep it because it captures the very moment she decides that she is going to take a snapshot of the Houses of Parliament, as the tourist behind her is alrea…

  • 20131118 IMG_7125

    Information Comes to You. Because I stopped to take his photograph (secretly), this man approached me and my friend to offer his services as a provider of tourist/hotel information. We chatted while I took this image. Black suit, umbrella and red double d…

  • 20131030 IMG_6990

  • 20131030 IMG_6989

  • 20131030 IMG_6986

  • 20131030 IMG_6982

  • 20131030 IMG_6980

  • 20131030 IMG_6979

  • 20130928 IMG_3413

    Eating seeds. Saturday market, Mitrovica, Kosovo.

  • 20130928 IMG_3412

    Saturday market, Mitrovica, Kosovo.

  • 20130928 IMG_3411

    Outdoor reclining. Saturday market, Mitrovica, Kosovo.

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