Posted on 10/18/2007

Photo taken on October 18, 2007



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one month ago...

one month ago...
taken on the 18th of september 2007, walking to the cafe, where i had my "Birthday-breakfast" with friends, having a lot in my mind,...

today i was going trough my "memory box"(full of old letters, postcards, some photos,...). it is weird how we change, how fast time can pass by...
i miss parts of those days, but at the moment the direction my life could go is a good one. i have to get rid of my aching hands, i think thats one of my biggest problems.
i miss the old times with katha, doing a lot of crazy stuff. i don't miss the fights and the tears. but they made me what i am today.

why do we always try to archeive something special? where does the fear come to leave this world with nothing left? and why we often crush into walls of embaressment?

no. i am fine with what i acheived so far, i really fear that i have to give up my dream when the hands get better, but this is just paranoia.

it is hard to write something meaningful, because i have more than one "plot" running through my head and i am unable to write it in the right english words.

so i will stop now before it gets too confusing ;-)

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