Posted on 08/19/2007

Photo taken on August 19, 2007


othello's victim

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i am really weird when it comes to the case of dead anymals. i have deep respect for every living beeing (except mosquitos and ticks. i am still not completly used to the large amount of killed animals my cats bring home. mostly mice, sometimes birds, one squirrel, and this is the first rat.
a new behaviour of o is to bring those animals INTO MY BED: *ARGH* gladly it is one the blanked on the side of the bed, where the cats normally sleep. so tonoght there lied a rat, i woke up, because othello proclaimed his great catch, and i brought it to another room. i can't "throw away" an animal, i always "bury" them on the compost heap, knowing a marten or something will eat it, but thats the way life goes.
i hestitated to take this picture, having my respect for the dead in mind, but i think it is somewhat okay..

i have no idea what i am writing at the moment...

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Jen Salik
Jen Salik
*eek* - your cats are really "active" when it comes to feeding the family...
9 years ago.