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S4E1: Vicious Visions, pic 14

S4E1: Vicious Visions, pic 14
Elliot (starts yelling abruptly): “NO! You ain’t gonna do this me! You ain’t gonna do this to me! Stay away from me! You ain’t here! You’re dead and gone! I will never see you ever again!”

Vinnie (looks at him yearningly): “Leo…”

Elliot: “I said you ain’t here! Don’t speak to me! Get the hell outta here! Disappear in the name of Jesus Christ! (closes his eyes and mumbles to himself) They say this works. Lord, help me…”

Vinnie: “I know I ain’t supposed to be here… If they found out… (shakes her head) But I was desperate to see you.”

Elliot (opens his eyes, pulls hair off his face and starts shedding tears): “What did you do to it? Where is it?”

Vinnie: “What is?”

Elliot: “The body… I mean, Abigail. She was lying right here… because I hit her. I know I’m gonna have to pay for my sins, but I didn’t think it would happen this way…” (sniffles)

Vinnie (looks at him confused): “What body? I haven’t seen anybody here. Nobody knows I’m here – at least I hope so.”

Elliot (cries): “Are you gonna ta-take me away?”

Vinnie (stares at him surprised): “Is that what you want? Do you wanna go with me?”

Elliot (quickly shakes his head): “No, I don't wanna… I don’t wanna go with you. What are you here for then?”

Vinnie: “I came to warn you, Leo. There are some evil people after you. As much as I wanna go with you, I can’t. (gasps) You need to go by yourself. Take as little as you can with you, and leave. Get outta this town and go as far as you possibly can. You need to do that tonight. It could be too late tomorrow. They’re coming for you very soon.”

Elliot: “No! I ain’t going nowhere! I gotta protect Sybil!”

Vinnie: “You need to protect yourself, Leo. (voice cracks) I-I still love you.” (takes a step toward him and reaches for him)

Elliot (backs out): “Don’t touch me! You ain’t real!” (quickly bypasses her and runs away in panic, almost bumping into the wall on his way out)


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