Posted on 12/06/2014

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French Decorating, pic 5 (minisode)

French Decorating, pic 5 (minisode)
Victoria comes up…

Victoria (listens carefully): “Hmm… I’m glad to have you as my bassist. Just so you know, you can’t just make jokes about my period when I get angry with you. What’s with men always doing that anyway?”

Simon (smiling): “We like to get your knickers in a twist. And it’s the easiest thing to say, since you know, we don’t always think too much… especially with our brains.” (puts the ink into the printer)

Victoria (calms down): “Okay, that I believe… Then why are you still addressing me formally after knowing me for two weeks? I don’t know much French, but I noticed that you used the word ‘vous,’ or something…”

Simon: “You are my slaveholder… I mean, boss, are you not?”

Victoria (smiles): “You’re weird.”

Simon (nods smiling): “Oui, je sais.”

Victoria (points at the table): “What’s that?”

Simon: “The ink cartridges I spent a lot of money on because you didn’t allow me to borrow them free from the neighbors.”

Victoria: “No, I mean, what’s that?”

Simon: “What’s the word…? A printer?”

Victoria: “No, I mean, where did it come from? I already have a printer.”