Silverstone British F1 2007

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the ride

I drove this (and 3 other guys) from the Daimler Chrysler headquarters in Milton Keynes. New V8 jeep 5.5L. We went off road on the way to the track. Got it sideways a little. Awesome car....



where it all happens...


damon hill2

damon hill.

damon hill

hill again. now this is the brake and thats the go fast pedal....
hamilton warming tyres

hamilton warming tyres

Lewis Hamilton warming up his tyres just before the start. I was on the phone to Neil at the time hence the comment. Note the kid with his hands over his ears. I dont blame him, it was LOUD!
hamilton gets out

hamilton gets out

Lewis Hamilton getting out of his car at the end of the race. He came 3rd. 9 podium finishes in a row, not bad...
hamilton being led to pole position

hamilton being led to pole position

Lewis Hamilton being pushed to the pole position by his crew at the start of the race.
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