Maneesh Foto

Maneesh Foto

Posted on 03/04/2009

Photo taken on February 22, 2009

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beggar woman
Brahma Temple
Canon EF 75-300mm USM
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Canon EOS 400D

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Begging outside the temple of the Creator, does she ever wonder why?

Begging outside the temple of the Creator, does she ever wonder why?
Or does she accept it as her fate (kismat)?

Saw this woman begging for alms outside the temple of Brahma, the creator, at Pushkar.

Destiny is an important concept in Hinduism, linked to karma.

"It is only this doctrine that explains the mysterious problems of paradoxes, reconciles the real and apparent justice in life. When we observe the inequalities of birth and fortune, of intellect and capacities, when fools and profligates are honored while with all one's intellect and noble virtues far more deserving in every way perishing for want and of lack of sympathy - it is this blessed knowledge of 'Karma' alone which prevents us from cursing life"
[Blavatsky, Mdm, in ' Secret Doctrine' (p.19-20) article in 'Karma, the Universal law of harmony", pub : TPH ]

"All the great religious traditions have recognized this basic polarity. For the Buddhist, the recurrent cycle of births and deaths are subject to the law of interdependent origination, recognizing that the wheel is turned by man's own hand; for the Hindu, the inexorable law of karma, action which ever turns upon itself in reaction, operates throughout the universe; for the Christian, the assurance that "Whatsoever ye sow that shall ye also reap" is affirmation of a lawfulness pervading all universal processes"
[Mills, Jay in the foreword ( p.viii) to (1) above.]

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