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  • Riverside

    The Thames embankment at Hammersmith in west London
    By Adam *

  • Over calm waters

    Brighton Pier looking east.
    By Adam *

  • The east is red

    Dawn beginning at Brighton.

  • Ornate

    Main altarpiece in the Se Velha (Old Cathedral) of Coimbra in Portugal.
    By Adam *

  • Equestrian

    British Museum, London

  • Texting by the sea

    Chesil Beach, Dorset A Message To You Rudy - The Specials
    By Adam *

  • Stones and bushes

    Graveyard of St Peter & St Paul Church in Lavenham, Suffolk
    By Adam *

  • Sinusoidal

    Thames Embankment near to Chelsea Bridge

  • British tails

    Viewed from Heathrow Airport London (Terminal 5)
    By Adam *

  • Haydarpasa sunscape

    View from front of Haydarpaşa Station, Istabul

  • Double duck

    Regent's Canal near Ladbroke Grove, London
    By Adam *

  • Hot Wax

    Seen in a pub in Oxted, Surrey
    By Adam *

  • Waveforms

    By Adam *

  • Lalbagh roof

    Victorain roof ironwork at Lal Bagh Gardens, Bangalore, India
    By Adam *

  • Indian rope trick!

    Here's one for health and safety at work! This man was swinging around on the rope whilst he cleaned the windows of this new building on Vittal Mallya Road in Bangalore, India
    By Adam *

  • 8.54 litres

    Near Mallya Hospital, Bangalore.
    By Adam *

  • The mortal moment

    In the Harem at Topkapi Saray, Istanbul. Ataturk died at 9.05 am in Istanbul's Dolmabahce Saray. Many historical clocks in Istanbul's museums and monuments are left set at that time in Ataturk's memory. Note the unusual markings on the clock face and…
    By Adam *

  • After rain

    Valide Cami in Usküdar
    By Adam *

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