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  • Jackson Square, New Orleans

  • French Quarter, New Orleans

  • Paddlesteamer Natchez

    on the Mississippi river, New Orleans

  • St Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square, New Orleans

  • French Quarter, New Orleans

  • Open air Jazz

    They really do play it at you from all sides, whether you want to hear it or not! Some of it's very good, some of it's truly dreadful.

  • A Streetcar named ...

    ..well, they don't name them anymore!

  • Historic streetcar

    i.e. no air conditioning!

  • New Orleans street furniture

    lots of these around - presumably they used to tie horses to them?

  • Bourbon Street plaque

    Bourbons were the Spanish Royal House

  • Paddlesteamer Natchez

    "Oldest authentic paddleboat on the Mississippi". i.e. the only one still using steam propulsion. Others use diesel engines.

  • Monument to the immigrant

    Mississippi riverfront

  • Scary joker

    wouldn't want to stumble across him in the dark...

  • Natchez at dock

    And she plays concerts on the steam calliope .... rather out of tune!

  • Tricentennial coming up.

    For the US, this is an old city.

  • Hotel View from the 36th floor

  • New Orleans Cemetery #2

  • New Orleans Cemetery #2

    You can't get buried here, the land is below sea level, so you get interred above ground. After a year or two in the 'oven' (it's a hot climate), the bones are shunted into the lower part of the tomb (with your ancestors), to leave room for the next memb…

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