Mike Roberts' photos

  • Sissinghurst, Kent

    Oast houses, now the museum.

  • Sissinghurst, Kent

    Dodging the showers, sheltering in the doorway to the library.

  • 'The Big Room', Sissinghurst, Kent

    Part of the library.

  • Austin Atlantic

    Abbey Street, Faversham, Kent

  • Tooting rather than Barking

    Faversham Nautical Festival: steam tug Barking doing lots of tooting.

  • Brushes

    At the boatyard, Iron Wharf, Faversham, Kent.

  • High Tide: Soft Morning Light

    Looking towards Whitstable from the mouth of Faversham Creek, Kent.

  • Boxed In

    iPad doodle using Paper by 53

  • Raw Prawn

    iPad doodle using Paper by 53

  • Assassination of the Pretender

    Sketchbook work, February 1 2010

  • Simpson and Satie

    Doodling while listening to different types of music. The solid blocks come from a symphony by Robert Simpson. The Gauloises-smoking dog-walking man from piano music by Eric Satie.

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