Mike Green

Mike Green

Posted on 01/01/2012

Photo taken on December  1, 2011

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Mike Green
Meteor Crater

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Firstly - Happy New Year to everyone - the best of luck in 2012, and thanks very much for all the support and encouragement during 2011 - it's been very much appreciated.

I thought, before posting a whole series of images of very small parts of the US south-west, I'd put up a shot of what Arizona, and much of the rest of the desert states, looks like in general. Huge!

This is a shot taken from an elevated position on the side of the cunningly [mis-]named 'Meteor Crater', which is... a very large crater produced by a meteorite (and well worth a visit). Anyway, this, to me, captures how I saw Arizona as we drove across it: very large, very flat, and with areas of raised ground, generally, in the very far distance. I find this image quite evocative of what it felt like to be in the vast expanse of this high plateau. It was snowing a fair bit when this was taken, hence the overall darkness of the landscape.



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