The tree over Lachine canal

The old Buick

It ain't been doing much lately as it seems.


The tree to the Cabin

Once stood tall with a cabin in the sky


Old Barn

An old farm on it's way to collapse. Prise dans la campagne de Varennes

Where I used to take the bus...

A traditional HDR work 3xp (-1, 0, +2). No bracketing possible, this is what we call holding on a cam like if life depended on it ;-)


Hey Uwe and Sandra! I had some real nice BBQ this evening! Too bad you had rain ;-) Naaa.. joking! Hope you'll catch up today, if it's not raining of course.

The face in the bush!

A piece of art in La Prairie, Quebec

Droplet in the sky

A nice water flow HDR'ed

Up front and personal

A face to face look on what could hurt if in movement.
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