Mihail Dvoeglazov's photos

  • April.Two crows. 2015

  • Dialog.2015

  • HOUSE - 2. 2015

  • Last breath of winter. 2015

  • Fisherman. 2015

  • Little fishergirl. 2015

    This little girl is not just posing for the camera, she is really on my eyes one after another catching the fish on ice fishing ...! I photographed her when she and her dad (also a fisherman), changed the fishing spot. She walked behind him and was car…

  • Twilight. From the series "My fishing" 2015

  • Graphics of winter - 4. From the series "Ukrainian pastoral". 2015

  • Graphics of winter - 3. From the series "Ukrainian pastoral". 2015

  • GRAIN ELEVATOR.From the series "Ukrainian pastoral." 2015

  • Old hut. From the series "Ukrainian pastoral." 2015

  • Graphics of winter - 2. From the series "Ukrainian pastoral". 2015

  • Graphics of winter. From the series "Ukrainian pastoral". 2015

  • Dawn on the river. From the series "Ukrainian pastoral". 2015

  • Clark Terry

    I adored inherent only to him, style extracting subtlest melisms of sound during improvisation, which sometimes resembled a human voice! It could only do great Clark Terry! www.ipernity.com/doc/mihart/37119968

  • Clark Terry

    Passed away to heaven the great jazz trumpeter Clark Terry - the genius of jazz improvisation ... a huge loss for jazz ... he rest in peace ... www.ipernity.com/doc/mihart/37119968

  • Ruff-2. 2015

  • Soon spring. From the series "Ukrainian pastorale" 2015

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