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Texting Old School

05 Dec 2017 1 96
1952 Everest Mod. S.T. Typewriter, retreived from the attic. A bit of cleaning up and a new ribbon and it would work, just like that... ;) Shot by phone.

"If you can't be the star, at least be the light"

The Spice of Life

Urban Series 3&4

29 Dec 2014 316
Just some quick experiments on 20x20 canvasses.

Technicolor Dreamer


07 Jan 2015 316
Don't know how I ended up painting something that kinda looks like a chicken, at times painting takes me in surprising directions and I just go with the flow.... ;)

Shy Girl

19 Dec 2014 1 305
I was asked to reproduce one of my 20x20cm works on a slightly bigger canvass. I'm rather pleased with the endresult, as was the now new owner of the work.. ;)


01 Jan 2015 1 293
Some other 20x20 experiments...

Urban Series 1&2

29 Dec 2014 1 295
And now for something completely different........... First of a series.


30 Dec 2014 266
A painting more in my photshop-painting style... ;)


24 Dec 2014 2 3 312
This is a painting I made last week. It depicts the lighthouse on one of the Dutch Islands. Took me slightly less than 1 and a half hour, slightly more than the target time... ;)


21 Dec 2014 217
One for the kids,... Just having some fun.;)


19 Dec 2014 1 2 280
Experiment with "near black" and texturing.


20 Dec 2014 1 245
Just having a little bit of fun with it.. ;)

Near Birth

20 Dec 2014 2 269
Cleaning the exces paint from the palet can lead to some surprising results.


05 Dec 2014 281
One of the earlier 40x50 works....


14 Dec 2014 1 218
These are some of the works on 20x20cm canvasses I usually use to produce something out of the paint left over on the palet when a painting is done or I stop for a while.....


08 Dec 2014 1 4 295
Not a 1hr painting!;) Though failed in the attempt to complete a painting in one hour, I must say I'm somewhat pleased with the end result.

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