Michael Paul Smith

Michael Paul Smith

Posted on 07/18/2013

Photo taken on July 14, 2013

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Tuckers in the Mist - Photo Setup

Tuckers in the Mist - Photo Setup
I've received a lot of inquiries as to how the warehouse shot was set up. So without further ado, here it is.
Because it was painfully hot outside, I decided to stay indoors and place the diorama in the window. Actually, the corner of the model is cantilevered out over the window sill to capture as much early morning sun as possible.

The ceiling of the warehouse is a piece of corrugated cardboard with the "skylights" cut out. Clear plastic sheets, with black paper mullions attached to them, were then fitted into the openings.
The final results were perfect without too much work.
As I always say; "nothing fancy".

The walls of the warehouse might look familiar and indeed they
have been used a number times.
With just a slight
modification, the upper half of the walls were fitted with a "concrete fascia" to hide the brick arch that shows up in other shots.

You can see the "dirt and grime" has already been sifted over everything but the water on the floor is missing.
Due to the heat in the room, the water evaporated very quickly, so multiple spritzings took place throughout the shoot.

I have to admit I took more than 100 photos over a 3 day period because I couldn't get the proper distance and perspective right; along with a few technical difficulties.

Guilherme Holtz
Guilherme Holtz
This is magic ! I remember watching in a interview of yours that "Michael Paul Smith gives up all his secrets, etc"...This is what is amazing, You showed everything, but the magic of the photo is yours ! Is not only a matter of the right diecast, diorama, etc, there is something more...
Another thing I've noticed in your pictures, the ones which show the setup with yourself side by side. If you cover your eyes in order not to see the area you apear in the picture, or if you focus only on the diorama, you are imediately transported to another scale....there is no questioning if there is a diorama there, you look and imediately perceive a real scene, like there where two separate pictures formed already...In in other words, your pictures start much earlier, when you built every acessory, buildings, chose the right cars, details on the street, etc,. and then come the second part, taking the picture, when happens the magic. The simplicity of the setups and the resourcefulness also amazes me ! Like you said: "I usualy find everything I need inside the room I am into"...Congratulations !
5 years ago.