Michael Paul Smith

Michael Paul Smith

Posted on 07/14/2013

Photo taken on July 11, 2013

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5 Tuckers in the Mist

5 Tuckers in the Mist
If the Corvettes being stored in the warehouse was an interesting news item, then the 5 Tuckers discovered on the top floor was definitely worth a front page headline.
After last week's fire in the warehouse, a detailed inspection of the premises uncovered the Tuckers being housed there. Aside from the fact they were encrusted in years of dust, dirt and grime, all of the automobiles appeared to be in near perfect condition.
Back in 1950, when Elgin Park's Tucker dealership went out of business, people often wondered where the inventory went.
That question was now answered.
The next question was, and it was a big one, what were they doing here?

Once again Mr. Praline, the owner of the warehouse, was not available for

This was an interesting photo setup because I wanted to continue the warehouse theme that was started with the Corvettes, but was looking for a grittier feel.
It seemed to me the perfect way to showcase the glorious Tuckers, but in a left handed way.
[ no offense to all of you Lefties out there! ]

Almost everyone has experienced being in an industrial space filled with musty air, damp littered floors, hazy windows and dust filtered light coming from the skylights.
Here is my version of that in 1/24th scale.

The diecast models are from the Franklin and Danbury Mint.

Kostas Papantoniou, Ben S, Indycaver (Norm), Dennis Dahn have particularly liked this photo

Guilherme Holtz
Guilherme Holtz
The boxes, the water, the dust, the sad abandonment of the Tuckers (which once could had had a glamurous life) are perfect ! Particular attention to the glass ceiling, the light coming in is great ! The investigative mood perfectly match the mystery which allways involve Tuckers ! It reminded me imediately the mysterious Tucker in a museum nearby here in Brazil, until recently full of dust, which is part of an historical investigation by a car magazine....You got it all Michael, great picture !
5 years ago.
Mel Francis
Mel Francis
Perfect, Michael! I wondered about the lack of dust on the Corvettes, but this really achieves that long-parked feeling. You've achieved a great indoor garage shot, just like we pondered. Your next shot begs for just a faint bit of smoke hanging in the air, to trace the path of the overhead sunlight beams down to the floor. I used to borrow one of my mother's cigarettes and blow the smoke through a straw, to get it in under HO locomotives, in all the right places.
5 years ago. Edited 5 years ago.
Indycaver (Norm)
Indycaver (Norm)
Great photo and story!
5 years ago.