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  • California Dreaming

    Good memories from last year. I don't know off hand if I posted this before. Probably not, I did take a lot of pictures of these beautiful trees.

  • Red Sun

    Random photo taken in Cincinnati.

  • Last Dance With Mary Jane

  • Dead Mans View

  • Fox Glove

  • Victorian Belle

  • Memory

    A barn in the Hood River valley that reminded me of a place I knew in my childhood that no longer exist.

  • Frisbie, Fishing, Bikes Too

    Great people scene for the day I thought. Cascade Locks Oregon

  • Columbia Paddle Wheel

    Columbia River at Cascade Locks, Oregon

  • Spring At Vista House

    Columbia River Gorge

  • Young Men

    Columbia River Gorge

  • Spotted

    It was Vista House's 100th birthday weekend, a lot of people about, some not as bright as others. These photos are literally first and second frame shots in sequence. The next photo shows what they're looking at.

  • A Zoom Lens

    People do this, there are trails that kind of/do this (get too close to the edge.) I can tell you it's not worth it. A zoom lens is going to be a lot more effective than climbing out to this point to get a low res shot with your iphone. It's a long way do…

  • Jonsrud Viewpoint no. 1

    Mt. Hood is a recurring theme. Can't imagine why. Three views of it from the same spot, Jonsrud Viewpoint in Sandy Oregon.

  • Jonsrud Viewpoint no. 2

    Sandy Oregon

  • Jonsrud Viewpoint no. 3

    On a bluff overlooking the Sandy River in Sandy Oregon.

  • The View To Vista House

    Skamania Wa

  • Blown Away

    Skamania Wa

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