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NICK DRAKE - At the Chime of a City Clock

From Bryter Layter, 1970 About as much of a "Nick Drake song" as there is.

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THE QUEEN HATERS - I Hate the Bloody Queen

​From SCTV, 1983. Martin Short as the Rotten lead singer. Video, with subtitles, at YouTube I always had a dream I'd like to meet the Queen I'd punch her in the face Yeah, that would make me laugh I'd ​love to ​kick her in the teeth And then…

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SPARKS - I Like Girls

1976 Some Island-Records-era symphonic bombast sneaked onto the stripped-down, Punk-leaning Big Beat LP. No one is restricted, no one is tied down But the Greece of old collapsed 'cause No one liked their girls Well, we won't have that problem, I…

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ROLF KEMPF - Hello Hurray

Alice Cooper covered this Rolf Kempf composition, making it very much his own. Actually, I gather that Rolf made this recording well after Alice's, and reportedly patterned it on Alice's. Judy Collins (of all people) recorded the song before Alice…

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R.E.M. - Crazy

R.E.M. - Crazy

So it appears this cover of Pylon's "Crazy" is my all-time favorite R.E.M. recording. It was cut during sessions for Fables of the Reconstruction, my favorite R.E.M. album. Wikipedia says, "Despite the growing audience and critical acclaim exper…

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ALIVE N KICKIN' - Just Let It Come

Not a song I remember. It was a single, but only hit #69. It is, though, a vivid slice of the year 1970, from the band that brought you the #7 "Tighter, Tighter."

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TV ON THE RADIO - Wolf Like Me

Say, say, my playmate Won't you lay hands on me? Mirror my malady Transfer my tragedy Got a curse I cannot lift Shines when the sunset shifts When the moon is round and full Gotta bust that box, gotta gut that fish We could jet in a stolen car But…

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2005 The king of the jungle Was asleep in his car When your chances fall in your lap like that You've got to recognize them for what they really are Nobody in this house Wants to own up to the truth I crawl in shotgun and reach into his mouth A…

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MOUNTAIN GOATS - San Bernardino

We got in your car and we hit the highway Eastern sun was rising over the mountains Yellow and blood red bits Like a kaleidoscope And flaming swords may guard the garden of Eden But we consulted maps from earlier days Dead languages on our tongue…

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GERRY RAFFERTY - She Moved Through the Fair

​ "She Moved Through the Fair" (or "She Moves Through the Fair") is a traditional Irish folk song, which exists in a number of versions and has been recorded many times.​ ​ The melody is in Mixolydian mode.​ John Loesberg speculates: "From its strang…

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CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN - All Her Favorite Fruit

1989 Figures that these wiseguys, if they stuck around, would eventually go for the outright poignancy. The lyrics, at least, get odd. (I just learned, via a video of head Camper David Lowery performing this live, solo, and acoustic, that the s…

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E.L.O. - Boy Blue / Poor Boy (The Greenwood)

Tracks 3 and 5 from the 1974 LP Eldorado

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TINDERSTICKS - City Sickness

1993. Used in the 2015 film, The End of the Tour. I had never heard it until I saw the film. My best guess was it was a Nick Cave tune, though the singer's voice isn't pitched quite in the sub-basement, like Cave's - just the basement. Apparently Ti…

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VERITY SUSMAN - To Make You Afraid

A 2013 track from a member of the now-disbanded Electrelane. I suppose I first approached this with the frame of mind, "I bet I'll like this because I like Electrelane," then quietly shelved it for future reference. ("Electrelane could be robotic,…

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An early Lol Creme, Kevin Godley, Eric Stewart track, 1970

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