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COLIN NEWMAN - Their Terrain

From the 1986 "Commercial Suicide" album. An opening track that sounds like a closing track.

As is usually the case with Newman, there's more to that album title than meets the eye. No, it's not a humblebrag about how far-out the music is. In fact, Newman thought the title track came out sounding like the band Suicide, but more commercial.


Here we are another fine decision
Not understood or even heard
From afar the logic may seem twisted
Another struggle with those words

There they went, it's a shame
On the scent of their terrain (change)

In the balance another fine decision
Yet weighted mainly by fate
Is there sense to rearrange derision
Or yet more platitudes to grate?

After this, what next could be a question?
Build the megalith again
As for history we may be on a winner
Or the chorus, it's a shame

Smiley Derleth
Smiley Derleth
Hokey Smokes, that's good. Thanks for posting.
2 years ago.
You bet. I'm always up for hearing some Colin Newman, but this really only hit me when I heard it one day on my mp3 random play.

Allmusic compares parts of this album to This Mortal Coil, who in fact covered Newman/Wire at least twice. ("Not Me" and "Alone")
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.