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  • Taback, Simms - Strathmore Medusa poster, 1968

    Via Monotype Imaging Inc. ... AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) shows Taback's brochure for the "Are You Afraid of Strathmore?" promotional campaign here.

  • Taback, Simms - Strathmore Dragon poster, 1968

    Via Monotype Imaging Inc.

  • Taback, Simms - Strathmore Monster poster, 1968

  • Mother's Little Helper, circa 1970

  • Glaser, Milton - 'Paper Moon' Typeface

    A dandy movie. A corker. The title of the 1973 film Paper Moon is set in an Art-Deco-tinged typeface called "Baby Teeth," created by Milton Glaser in 1964. Says Glaser, "The inspiration for my Baby Teeth typeface came from this sign I photographed i…

  • Smiling Sun in airline ad, 1977

  • Sunshine Bakers, 1967

  • Kelly, Walt - Procter and Gamble Pogo Toys, 1969

    Toys offered for free with the purchase of Procter & Gamble products Photo via eBay I read that the sculpting work on these was done by Walt Kelly's own hand. Apparently, someone else had sculpted an earlier version, supposedly ready for production, but…

  • Hoffman, Sandy - Calories Burnt Per Hour of Activity, 1969

  • 'A New Leaf' 35mm film

    Walter Matthau, rueful Photo by Northwest Chicago Film Society

  • 'A New Leaf' 35mm film

    James Coco cackles Photo by Northwest Chicago Film Society

  • 'A New Leaf' lobby card

    Via Northwest Chicago Film Society "What frond is in your token?"

  • Clark's Sugar-Free Gum Parade, 1967 (li-021067)

    Looks like a Seymour Chwast illustration or at least a good imitation.

  • McDonald's - Dinnertimin' with No Waitin', 1976 (eb-0876)

  • Fashion illustration, circa 1970

  • Smirnoff - Come Out of Your Shell, 1966

  • 7UP - Need Alley-Oop, 1963

  • Cybill Shepherd - Clairol Kindness Underarm Shaver, 1970

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