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Beware The Wolves

Just when you think it is safe to drink at the waterhole, the wolf pack arrives and spoils the moment. I think this will be my last posted photo here on Ipernity. At first I thought it was a refreshing change from the antics at Flickr, and indeed I have met a couple of very nice contacts. A few months ago, the Ipernity flame was starting to look a little duller for me, and I started being active back in Flickr as well as here. Now this week, I am aware of some unnecessary heavy handed tactics by Ipernity…

No Really, I'm Loving This Weather

Did I mention how much Rumblemumbles enjoyed the weather in Vancouver? She got to write her name in the snow, never done that before. Does this look like a forced smile? :-) Previous bipolar shot ( as in poles apart)

Happy Weekend Everyone

I hope you all enjoying the weekend. The weather here in Brisbane is fabulous. Here is one of Rumblemumbles memories from San Diego. Previous California moment from a display of 1930-1965 California Design and the impact it had.

The Ghost Who Walks

What do you think this is? Look below to find out.

Greetings From California

Holidays in California. Those were the days. Any resemblance to a can of tuna is purely coincidental. See the adjacent full frontal for another view. Full frontal

Withering Heights

If you live here, you get great views over the river and a stroll to the city centre. This area in the suburb of Kangaroo Point used to be a ship yard in generations past, and is now populated by numerous luxury German bred vehicles Yesterday's riverside shot

Sunday In The Park

Music, grass, sunshine children playing - what else do you need for a relaxing Sunday afternoon. I was amused that the chairs looked like they were listening to the singer. The structure into the river is the ferry terminal. The city centre is just across the river, and this park is part of the Southbank inner city playground. Yesterdays shot of the less relaxing action

Highly Strung

Look very carefully at this. See anything odd. It was a beautiful day in Brisbane so Mrs Mail and I went walking on the river walk in the city. We passed these guys who had strung a tight rope across the entrance to an unused boat ramp, and the rope had tensioners at each end so it had some spring in it. This guy was making it bounce up and down and was doing trampoline routines before eventually falling into the water. This is the upstroke of the spring action. Just further down the river on the RHS is…


Oh mighty iPhone - Tell me how I should feel today. Yesterdays shot
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