Posted on 08/21/2013

Photo taken on August 18, 2013

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m-line body posing & mini review

m-line body posing & mini review
figured i'd follow up the a-line posing pics by doing the same with the m-line. these are all poses from the m-line promo pics and don't have any "cheats" helping them (no strings, wires, sueding, etc) and the feet are the a-line mag feet, not the smaller m-line feet. the clothing is only to provide padding in case of falls because my toddler kept trying to help out.

the body was really easy to stand/balance on one foot, between the tighter stringing (my minifees are all somewhat old and have been through a LOT of posing, so they are fairly loose) and the newer resin having more tooth. the body is also a little easier to stand just because it's shorter with a lower center of balance.

one thing i found irritating was the mag feet. unlike the other lines with mag feet (except the SD ones, i don't know anything about those) they don't have a notch that kind of "hooks" on... so they pop off fairly easily. when i'm doing a standing pose, i usually pose them and then press down on the feet to flatten them out. with the mag feet they would pop out a little and end up catching the pants in the gap and whatnot.

overall, the posing is basically the same as the a-line. i'm pretty sure i'm in the minority when i say i much prefer the a-line having the lower torso joint, because i know a lot of people see no purpose for it, but poses like the 3rd standing pose here have a lot less fluidity without it.

as for the body itself, it doesn't feel as small as it seems. with the c-line, it seems very dainty and small in person. but with the m-line it still feels like a normal minifee, if that makes any sense. even the smaller feet didn't seem as small as i thought they would (though i feel really sorry for anybody trying to find shoes that fit them properly).

i will say that the promo pics are very misleading. i realized they made it seem like they were doing some poses, but really were using perception to trick the eye in some of the pics. that was a little disappointing so i tried to avoid doing that here. the pose i had the toughest time with was actually the first one, because the legs don't go back as far as they made it seem. i want to say they have more limited posing than the a-line, but i haven't actually compared them, i'm just basing that on memory and how it feels while moving it. the foot also kept popping off while trying to get it at enough of an angle that the hand would touch the toes.

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Christine Balne
Christine Balne
Wow, those look great! Your impressions of the body are really helpful. Not sure if I'll want one if they ever come back up for sale, but it had been a thought, at least as it would give a slightly different body options for possible incoming.
4 years ago.
mendokusai has replied to Christine Balne
it's a pretty good body. i wish the legs had more mobility but it's not too bad. it hampers sitting a bit, but not more than most doll bodies anyways.
4 years ago.