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backstory: alister

backstory: alister
to make up for not doing a pic yesterday, we'll do the backstory for a popular favorite :P (although it's pretty boring, sorry)

NOTE: talia and alister grew up together in the bandit storyline, but in btms (the photostories most of you know them from), they don't have a history together.

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Alister grew up on the streets of Five Fingers, in the Cathedral District on Doleth Isle. His mother was a prostitute, and he doesn't have any memories of her. After being abandoned at the church, he was placed in what turned out to be an abusive foster home. He ran away and struggled on his own before meeting Talia. The two managed well together, pairing her drive to succeed with his innate charm. When they were older, they began helping at churches feeding other homeless children to earn meals and occasional housing for themselves. Alister ended up taking a greater interest in the church, while Talia began wandering around the docks and became fascinated with the boats, volunteering on trade vessels as a deckhand.

Alister was impressed by the clerics' desires to help the people around them and he vowed to himself that one day he would be strong enough to help other people. He began volunteering more frequently and when one of the head clerics came to Five Fingers to check on the status of some of the churches, he became extremely impressed with Alister's charisma and selflessness, offering to adopt the boy and take him back to Cygnar for an education and clerical training. Talia encouraged him to go despite the fact that she was very upset, and Alister enthusiastically agreed to the adoption.

His new family — consisting of Sparrow and her father — was very rich upper class, and Alister had a hard time adjusting to the new way of living. He took their last name (Bennett), and immersed himself in his studies. He met and became friends with Edmund during his clerical training. When he was twenty-five, Sparrow confessed to Alister that she was in love with him, causing him to put an end to his clerical training and leave Corvis, returning to Five Fingers for the first time in ten years. It was then that he happened across Talia again and agreed to join her crew.