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backstory meme: brodwyn & buttons

backstory meme: brodwyn & buttons
Rules: pick your favorite doll and tell their story.
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rather than pick my favorite doll, i'm going to pick my favorite backstory :P it's important to note that i have two storylines: the ACTUAL storyline where the characters originated and they're all criminals and steampunk-y lol and the silly storyline where the photostories are based. this is from the original story.

(this is mostly c/p'd from the wiki)

Brodwyn is an elf, and in the world they live in, the elves are very xenophobic and have been essentially dwindling as a race. Brodwyn was born without a soul (which is a big thing that's been happening more and more often). Her father was a narcissor (council member), and her parents had been trying for a long time to have a child, so rather than give the child away to be either killed or raised as a soldier, they fought to keep her. They raised her, thinking if they tried hard enough she could still be raised as a normal child, but were quickly proven wrong.

After hiring a mercenary to procure the documents detailing the Nyss (the other race of elves) technology, Brodwyn's father created a metallic babysitter to solve their problems. It was made with the face of a cat, in the hopes that it would be less likely to alarm the small child, and later was covered in padding and cloth (which eventually was torn, restitched, and patched up repeatedly by Brodwyn). The machine was controlled by an engraved gem strung on a chain, kept on the father's person at all times, and Linus (a name given to him by Brodwyn... Meryll gives him the nickname of Buttons later in the story) did his job dutifully.

(spoilers if you keep reading)

Due to the nature of his creation, over a few years he slowly began developing a personality of his own. He became infatuated with his ward, caring for her and her well being as more than just a guardian would. It saddened him greatly to see the hollow shell left behind as she was ignored more and more by her parents and the house servants, though it made him proud to be the only one taking care of her. One morning, Brodwyn found the engraved gem kept by her father, the clasp having broken and fallen to the floor, unnoticed. He approached her later, furious, thinking she had somehow stolen it from him. Brodwyn, sensing his anger and amplifying it into rage, ordered Linus to attack her father. By that point, Linus had grown enough that the gem had very little power over his actions, but he seized the opportunity in the hopes that if Brodwyn could escape her prison, she might be able to live a normal life. In the end, both of her parents and several servants were dead, and the two fled from Ios, eventually crossing paths with Rey.

you can learn more about brodwyn, buttons, and the other characters in the wiki!