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backstory: vultsubai

backstory: vultsubai
moar backstories, cuz why not? :P gives me something to take pics of each day, and who doesn't love babbling about their characters.

(information taken from the wiki)

spoiler warning (for bandit's landing, not btms)

Vult was once a human named Kirion* who lived during the occupation of the Orgoth. His father (a Khadoran soldier) died during the rebellion, leaving Kirion the only male in his household. He worked hard to help his mother raise his two younger sisters, and spent his spare time training to become a soldier when he was old enough so he could support his family and follow in his father's footsteps.

After being in the military for several years, Kirion worked his way up to the point where he controlled a small platoon of men. An Iosan woman was assigned to his platoon. She was an expert sniper and Kirion was attracted to her, and the two of them became extremely close. Without warning or explanation, she left the military after about six months and returned to Ios. Occasionally she would return to Khador to visit him, and every time he would beg her to stay. She would refuse, stating plainly that she would never want to live among humans (at the time, there was still a significant amount of unrest between humans and elves). This repeated over the course of two years, before she came to visit again after a long absence. He begged her for a final time to stay with him so they could start a family. She became angry, telling him that she would rather die. She followed this by telling him she'd been pregnant with his child, but rather than give birth to a half-human, she had killed it. Horrified, he kicked her out and spiraled into a deep depression.

It was at this time that his superiors presented him with a high risk mission. He accepted blindly, not caring if he or his men returned alive. The mission turned out to be for a retrieval of a dragon anthac that had been discovered within the control of the Orgoth. Upon arrival, Kirion and his men were assaulted by enemy troops on similar missions for their own country. In a desperate attempt to save his men Kirion sacrificed his soul to bond with the anthac, his body transforming into a powerful brass dragon. The dormant soul within the anthac raged and went out of control, killing everybody within miles. Kirion lost all memories of his life prior to that point, but the remnants of his human soul fought for control and he fled, eventually resting at an island far to the west of Khador under Orgoth occupation. He stayed there for the next four hundred years, honing his control over the evil inside of him, frightening away anybody who happened to discover his hiding place.

When he finds Talia washed up on his shore -- and, surprisingly, clinging to life -- he nurses her back to health and introduces himself as Vultsubai. Judging by his appearance Talia assumes he is a dragonspawn, which he confirms, lying, and elaborates on by explaining that the dragon that turned him has long since been dead, but doesn't say how long it's been since he was no longer human.

* originally on the wiki it said his human name was Helmere, but my husband corrected me :P