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backstory: malice & lysander

backstory: malice & lysander
please understand in advance that warpwolves are not werewolves. for the sake of comparison, the only thing they have in common is that they are shape changers. they don't actually look like wolves... they're just huge hulking beasts that vary in shape and form (for example, malice's form is more attack-centered so she's bigger while san's in more defensive so he has hard plates).

(c/p'd from the wiki)

Lysander grew up in a lower middle class family in Khador. He was the only child of an alchemist and his wife. San (the nickname his mother had given him) was a reasonably well-behaved average kid, if a little irritable, spoiled by his mom and mostly ignored by his dad. Around the time San was ten years old, his dad became obsessed with finding the original alchemical formula for creating warpwolves. He began researching and testing fanatically over the next three years or so, until he finally felt he had figured it out. He used his wife and son as guinea pigs, transforming them into warpwolves. However, the formula wasn't perfect, so his test subjects were kept chained up. Over the next year San and his mother were held prisoner, and one night San's father realized the true secret to warpwolves: genetics. He raped his wife, who became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter (Maiya, nicknamed Malice by San later), born a true warpwolf as the result of a warpwolf parent. Not quite satisfied with his experiments, San's father continued keeping his test subjects under control. When his sister was two years old, San broke free and ran away with her. They spent the next five years constantly on the run before being picked up by slave runners. Malice, being a much more powerful warpwolf than San, broke them free. They continued running until San met Meryll while he was stealing food. He was going to join Talia's crew so he and Malice could have a permanent home over their heads, but due to a misunderstanding Malice fled and he was forced to go looking for her.