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  • candy corn sugar cookies :3 (pumpkin spice flavor)

  • mexican chocolate cake with dulce de leche filling and cinnamon cream cheese frosting. i wish i could've taken a pic showing the filling, but my husband ate it lol :B

  • all my tan resins now... meryll really needs a face-up so her face stops getting so washed out in pics x_x this is not an accurate color comparison. the other two are pretty accurate, but this pic is the most accurate for the fairyland tan.

  • i really wish the tan was a little bit lighter, but i think i'll be keeping her like this. her old doll suddenly feels really empty :P

  • sorry for the weird neck angle x_x i had to be fast cuz andrew kept trying to "fix" her hair lol i really like rix, but i kind of wish the eyes were a little bigger? i dunno if it's just something i need to get used to. she just seems a lot sleepier lol

  • rix is so pretty! much more serious than shushu, so that will take some getting used to, but i really like the mold a lot so i think it might be a keeper! giving it a few days before i make a final decision.

  • these are the default eyes, cuz by the time i was done swapping chase and sparrow's boobs, my hands couldn't take anymore. the mag feet on the m-line body are complete horseshit to restring x____x not sure how i feel about the tan yet. gonna give it a fe…

  • new eyes! 10mm hands glass ("light blue" for devlin and "aqua" for hadley). also got a pair of clasping hands n_n

  • two months (and a week)... he's such a sweet little guy! he's already been sleeping through the night (around 8 hours) pretty much every night, which has been such a relief. not looking forward to whenever that will change lol

  • m-line body posing & mini review

    figured i'd follow up the a-line posing pics by doing the same with the m-line. these are all poses from the m-line promo pics and don't have any "cheats" helping them (no strings, wires, sueding, etc) and the feet are the a-line mag feet, not the smaller…

  • chase is so short now compared to alister :3 now she just needs to get her small bust so she can really be herself lol

  • chase is so short now compared to alister :3 now she just needs to get her small bust so she can really be herself lol

  • minifee a-line and m-line feet

    i have chase visiting, and she just got re-shelled with a moe body. the feet actually don't seem so small in person, or at least not as small as i was expecting them to be, but i guess i was expecting something more like the tiny c-line feet lol

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