• A New Puppy

  • Puppy Friend

  • Reading to Peppermint

    Lily Mae is enjoying a warm fall day on the porch with a book and her puppy.

  • Lovely Lily Mae

  • Just Needs Fishing Pole

    Max is enjoying a sunny fall day at the lake.

  • Fireplace

    I enhanced the Journey Girls fireplace with more logs and light. I also raised it up a couple of inches.

  • Grandma's Puppy

    Lily Mae is greeted by the fluffy dog!

  • Grandma's Cabin

    The Kidz have traveled to grandma's cabin in the mountains to spend Thanksgiving week.

  • Loving the Great Outdoors

    Lupe is newly arrived and is loving the wide open spaces. She can't wait to visit those mountains.

  • First Touch of Snow

    Lupe just arrived from Mexico and was excited to see a tiny bit of snow left from last week. She is hoping for much more very soon!

  • Can We Get Dessert?

    Inside at the bar.

  • At the Cafe

    Maggie Rose joined up for dinner tonight.

  • Baking Gingerbread Cookies

    Maggie Rose has just pulled some out of the oven.

  • Maggie Rose

    Proud of her cookies.

  • So Tempting!

    Lily Mae can't resist!

  • Would You Like One?

    There are plenty for all.

  • Happy Feast of St Nicholas

    The girls have found cookies and candy left in their shoes

  • Filled Shoes

61 items in total